Free to play

Build Your Empire

Choose from 6 civilizations and complete quests to level up your civilization - unlocking new units, tech and challenges!

Fight friends in PVP

Play with Friends

Complete co-op quests with your friends or challenge their skills in the PVP arena. Join the community and participate in tournaments or gain high level gear in co-op quests.

Gear up1

Get Loot!

Customize your civilization and gear up your units by completing quests solo or with friends. Complete challenging quests to earn prestigious legendary gear.

Completely Free (really!)

Fan made server- supported by the community to bring back the excellent Age of Empires online back to life. Play every civilization for free!

There is no paid content - no need to buy anything!

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Just want the original Age of Empires gameplay? No need to play the MMO!

Skip all of the PVE content and go right into gearless champion mode PVP! The gameplay you know and love from Age of Empires is all here. Our PVP balance team work tirelessly to provide the game with a balanced, gearless, competitive mode. Community held tournaments give out prizes to those who can show they have the skills.

Play Sparta PVP

Quest, loot, craft for those who loved the RTS MMO.

It's all there. Gear up your empire to take on more and more challenges. Play with friends in horde (crete) mode. Take on the most difficult quests and gain legendary gear. Build it from the ground up and show it off!

Play PVE